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Best Wishes to all our Clients past, present and future

Dear Friends,

A big thank you to all our Clients and we look forward to doing business with you again this year.

Just for January we are doing a 'buy one session and get one free' so be sure to book yours before the 31st. You don't have to take the sessions in January just ensure they are booked in before the busy season sets in.

Last year my big WHY was my daughter's wedding in Gibraltar in September and a further reception do in the UK in October. The excitement started in January and there were a number of logistical challenges but what a great time was had by all.

This year I am finding it more difficult to get enthused in my year's projects. Probably because I have a few more than normal as some were put on the back burner last year. What about you and your big WHY?

One of my major projects is to cut down my biz hours in favour of personal objectives which kinda goes against the more projects than normal objective. The challenge will be interesting.

Warmest Regards


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